Trip to El Paso by Alexandra Plancarte

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Above is a slide show of portraits of some of my family members.
I went to El Paso with my mom, grandma and little brother. We drove nine hours like we always do when we go to El Paso. We visited my tia García and my tia Natí who has Alzheimer’s and is in a retirement home in El Paso.

Since my camera was not able to zoom out, I had to take portraits of my family members.

The main reason we went to El Paso was to visit my tia (aunt) García, who is going to die soon. Four weeks ago my tia Alicia passed away in California. I sadly was not able to see her at all. Last time I saw Alicia it was about three years ago. I was deeply depressed after her death. As I was finally got to a point where I accepted her death, I got news that my other tia who lives in El Paso has Parkinson’s disease.

My mom and grandma were planning on going to see her on that Friday when I had fall break. I was supposed to go to the Baylor game to be a photog. Even though this opportunity may not arrive again to photograph the game, I know that if it was meant to be, God will put it in my path again. I decided not to go because I wanted to see my tia.

My tia García, has always been kind to me and my family. I remember last year during summer when I had my celebration for getting into TCU, García spoke kind words to my grandma and me. García rarely talks but when she does it’s because she is about to say something meaningful.

Tia García is not in a hospital. Instead she is with one of her daughter’s  home. Lucha takes care of her and remains with her 24/7.

The photograph of my tia García is the one that is not in black and white. I decide not to put her in blackened white because her spirit used to and still lights up a room. I put a black and white filter on the images because even though we are smiling and laughing in the photos, we are also mourning and remembering García’s times.


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