The Grandmaster (2013) review


The Grandmaster directed by Kar Wai Wong and cinematography by Philippe Le Sourd. This movie is by far my favorite martial arts movie I have seen thus far. I am not going to go into detail about the movie because you can just look it up. The main points were the grandmaster was Gong Er, played by Ziyi Zhang. Gong married Ip Man, played by Tony Leung, who is a martial arts master who teaches Bruce Lee but Lee is not in this movie. Gong was the legacy of the 64 transformations move but it died with her because she vowed to never teach again. Ip Man lived a sad life in my opinion but was grateful for his life. He lost many things that were dear to him but he made it through.

The cinematography in this movie was astounding. The lighting in the film was either soft or medium dark. The lighting brought almost a nostalgic feel to the movie. The colors in almost every scene were amber, white, tan or gray. The lighting looked natural in the film. The lighting could have been artificial lighting made to look natural. The lighting was always soft and glowing when Gong was in the scene. It made her look feminine and innocent.

The detail in this film was phenomenal. In the film you could see the cinematographer focused on high detailed shots and clean-cut face shots as well. The face shots were very tight and mostly focused on one person. During the water battle scene, the cinematographer did a wonderful job of capturing the motions of the water and the keeping Ip Man’s face bright while the scene was very dark and rainy.

During the snow scene, Gong was wearing a black coat and the composition of the white hitting the black was powerful. There even was a scene during Gong’s father funeral where most of the characters wore white against the snow and the scene still look beautiful.

I loved seeing the tight shoots of the martial art moves and the characters faces when they fought. You can feel the emotion with the way the cinematographer captured these moments.

Which other martial arts movies do y’all prefer?


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