Self-Portrait by Alexandra Plancarte

Senior journalism major, in her dorm taking a self-portrait, Sunday Aug. 31. (Credit: Alexandra Plancarte)

The process of taking this self-portriat was quite difficult. The first location I tried to use was my roommates room but I was not getting the results I wanted. I wanted to use my roommates room because her walls were plain. I ended up using my room instead. I did not want to use my room because my walls were not plain and may cause a distraction. The walls may have been a distraction but I think it is subtle enough to use.

Lighting was another issues I dealt with. I had to shoot in two different rooms. In my roommates room there was not enough sun. I later went to my room and set up the camera. I took many takes to try and find the right angle, lighting and pose. I ended up taking multiple pictures with different shirt options. When I finished, I examined all the photos one by one. I came to a conclusion that this one will be the one. The only changes I did to the photo was cropping out the bottom half.

Though the photo may seem a bit busy with the walls, my shirt and the objects I am holding, I admire this photo. It shows who I am and what my life consists of. I am a busy person, I always have my Lord on my side and Harry Potter is a part of me.



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