3 Kinds of Light by Alexandra Plancarte

This assignment was a set of three photographs with three different kinds of lighting. The three different lightings were: Direct, Diffuse and Artificial.

Direct ligtht
Sophomore business major Dalio Losch playing disc golf in the common at TCU, Sunday Aug. 31. (Credit: Alexandra Plancarte)

As I was heading back to my dorm, I noticed some students playing disc golf. I quickly grabbed the camera from my room and started taking pictures of four students playing. Dalio Losch, the student in the photograph is a sophomore business major. During the shoot, I notice Dalio was more focused and used different angles to catch the frisbee. Though in this shot he was unable to catch the frisbee in time. I like that he is running at an angle and his face shows his determinism. I did enhance this photograph within iPhoto on a Mac.

Diffuse light
Junior psychology and spanish major Jasmine Martinez studying in her Milton Daniel dorm at TCU, Sunday Aug. 31. (Credit: Alexandra Plancarte)

The diffused photograph was a bit tricky. I could not figure out what to do. Then I remembered a friend of mine has a two different see thorough colored curtains on her windows. When the sun hits the windows, the curtains create pinkish lavender tone on the walls. I had Jasmine Martinez, junior psychology and spanish major, contiune her work on her desk. I tried many angles with this lighting. I remember I had to adjust the ISO serval times. Each time I moved the camera would take a dark or bright photo. Once I got the right ISO, the photos were showing up good.

Artificial light
Sophomore vocal music education major Grace Anderson reading one of her favorite childhood books in her Milton Daniel dorm at TCU, Sunday Aug. 31. (Credit: Alexandra Plancarte)

For the artificial lighting, I took a picture of my friend Grace Anderson, sophomore vocal music eduction major, reading one of her favorite books with the light on. I told her she can actually read the book while I took a photo of her. As with the other photos, I tried many angles as I could get. I like how Grace looks joyful while reading the book. I wanted to make sure and capture that.

I would like to thank Aubrey Massey, Jacob Malmquist, Weston Hopkins and Dalio Losch for letting me take pictures of them playing disc golf. I would also like to thank Jasmine and Grace for taking time away from their studies to allow me to photograph them.

– Alexandra


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